Friday, July 21, 2017

"Boy with the Metal Arm"

Another unmade Corman era relic, this production drawing i did for "Boy..." ... was for an unmade movie Roger asked me to direct .. my art here sorta has a Wrightson-y brush work feel to it, only cruder. 

It's amazing all the art that piles up from unmade Features and Television pitches.  I was spoiled by the unusual amount of control we had over the Maxx animated series.  Follies of youth.

I still have the rights, so maybe i'll do it as a comic someday? 

Or not.

Maybe my time & energy is best spent elsewhere.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Caddies & Dino cover Question?

Drew three different Cadillacs & Dinosaurs covers for a reprint my old friend Mark Shultz's excellent Xenozoic Tales comic. Few artists do justice to the Williamson/Frazetta tradition as well as Mark.

I'll throw up my other two Dino covers over the next few weeks.



Dug out a the colors i hand painted on what they called a "blue-line", meaning all the black art is in light blue so you know where to paint.

Kinda interesting to see the colored art minus the blacks.

And here's the printed comic cover.

So which do you like better?

The colored version,

. . . or black and white original art version at the top?